Incorporated in 1990, Gas Auto Sud is now one of the most important businesses in Southern Italy for the distribution of fuels for motor vehicles and equipment – Gasoline, Diesel fuel and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas).

Quality and environmental concerns are the focus of its policy, and all the service station distribute eco-friendly LPG. Normally located in strategic points and on the main highways, Gas Auto Sud performs its function at the service of the clientele and the environment. It cooperates with the top companies operating in the sector of eco-friendly vehicle conversion and offers customized incentives for the use of gas fuel.

The qualified personnel and experts in the network guarantee quality and constant assistance to the sales outlets.


Gas Auto Sud loves the environment

Gas Auto Sud was one of the first networks to distribute LPG, with its low environmental impact, in Southern Italy, contributing to spread the culture of a mobility respectful of the environment.This goal has been constantly pursued through activities of advertising and marketing, tending to inform the users and public administration about the economical and technical advantages of clean fuels. Directly, and in collaboration with other companies in the sector and with Consorzio Ecogas – of which Gas Auto Sud is one of the founding partners – dozens of conferences and events have been organized. Gas Auto Sud has also been active in the distribution of informative leaflets and hundreds of thousands of copies of the specialized magazine Ecomobile A Tutto Gas News.